Holy Eating
The Spiritual Secret to Eternal Weight Loss

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About the Author

Robert M. Schwartz, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized clinical psychologist who has published dozens of scientific papers on positive thinking and successful behavior change.  He has written popular articles and op-ed pieces for national media such as The Week: The Best of U.S. and International Media, The Christian Science Monitor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Jewish Chronicle.  

Dr. Schwartz is President and Founder of Cognitive Dynamic Therapy Associates and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he teaches psychiatry residents and conducts research on positive thinking and emotion.

For over 30 years, Dr. Schwartz has specialized in cognitive approaches to behavior change, with an emphasis on mood disorders, health behaviors and addictions.  For the past 20 years he has studied Jewish spirituality and Chassidic philosophy.  He and his wife live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia.  They have seven sons.  Correspondence to Dr. Schwartz can be sent to robsch77@gmail.com.

Robert M. Schwartz, Ph.D.

About the Illustrator

Shoshannah Brombacher, Ph.D. is an artist and trained storyteller from Amsterdam, who taught at the Universities of Leyden, Berlin and Jerusalem. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.  Inspired by the Chassidic Masters, Dr. Brombacher’s paintings are a service to God that spread light in a dark world and enrich our hearts. They connect us to God. If you wish to purchase an original painting or print from this book, please contact Shoshannah Brombacher at shoshbm@gmail.com.

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