Holy Eating
The Spiritual Secret to Eternal Weight Loss

Mealtime Meditations

Meditation: How Satiating Is Your Kindness

Let me be sheltered in the shadow of God’s wings,

safe and secure.
Open my heart to the true source of satisfaction and
God, in Your expansiveness you provide me with abundance, delight, joy and bliss.
Open my heart to feel this flow of abundance
and to be satiated with loving kindness.
In Your light, I see the source of life.
By absorbing the light, I draw an endless flow of energy, vitality and strength.
Although the sun is millions of miles away, its rays travel to meet me personally.
God is both distant and close,
Off in supernal realms, yet touching me through this light.
I feel the warm radiance and
absorb it deeply into my body, self and soul.
Dear God, let the Divine light enter my belly and be a blessing of contentment and satisfaction.
Let there be abundant light within me.

Repeat: Source of life and light: Shelter me in the shadow of Your wings, satiate me with Your delights and let me drink from the river of Your bliss.

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Meditation: Focus on God

I will keep God before me always.
I think of You continually and especially when eating.
As the poet saw infinity in a grain of sand,
I see Your divine love in my daily bread.
I invite you to my table at every meal.
I will eat only to serve You better,
and elevate the sparks in the food
through Holy Eating.
As You are holy, I will eat with holiness.

I see Your divine love in my daily bread.